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* $40.00 fee will apply to the first year for programming your alarm system at our ULC certified alarm central station.


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Security film, the anti-intrusion protection

Security film is the best solution to protect your glass surfaces of any intrusion attempts. This way, you can efficiently protect all your doors, windows and glazed doors.

This type of protection is very appreciated for residential protection. Security film gives one of the best protections for your possessions and your family. In addition, many department stores have already opted for its safe comfort.

Protect yourself against glass breaking with security film

An experienced thief only takes 30 seconds to break a window and thus enter your residence or enterprise.

The following demonstration video will allow you to measure the security film’s efficiency against many types of intrusion.


Security film for an invisible protection

To install a security film will also offer you an invisible and aesthetically safety.
You can choose from a variety of shades, as well as solar and decorative films.

Security film’s advantages

  • Anti-intrusion protection;

  • Anti-theft protection;

  • Protection against glass fragments (explosions, thunderstorms, hurricanes);

  • Protection against UV rays;

  • Energy saving, summer as well as winter.