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* $40.00 fee will apply to the first year for programming your alarm system at our ULC certified alarm central station.


$149.95 Per Year*

Monitoring systems

Keep tabs on your property and employees with a digital recording surveillance camera system. Alarme Doven offers an experienced and fully qualified team to accurately and professionally meet your needs, whether in analog, digital or IP cameras.

Forget the middleman. Alarme Doven is there for you in the choice, installation or activation of the network.

Access control

Limit comings and goings at your company or home with an electronic access control system. You will be able to control the movement and access of each of your employees. This fully electronic system offers many advantages over a conventional key system, namely the ability to create or delete electronic access keys as you please, even if you no longer have the key.

Secure your workspace with an Alarme Doven access control system.