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Alarmes résidentiels

Residential alarm

If you are currently paying more than $99.95/year for your connection to a ULC central station, this offer is for you!

Alarm Doven - Residential Surveillance
Residential alarm for $99,95 a year

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Alarme Doven can connect your current alarm system to an Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC)-certified alarm central station for only $99.95 a year (residential rate).

We offer surveillance service for $99.95 a year-no catch, no hidden fees.

Only the initial $40 fee will apply to the first year for programming your alarm system at our UCL-certified alarm central station.

We offer a range of products and services suited to your needs:
  • Complete high-security alarm system
  • Wired or wireless alarm system
  • Access control
  • Complete set of highly reliable sensors (movement, water level, carbon monoxide, temperature)
  • Portable panic button
  • Camera network with or without surveillance
  • Security film
  • Day/night patrol service